There Is Nobility In Giving

Humanitarianism is not and should not be a job where we earn , trade where we exchange goods for services and business where we make profit.
It requires no academic qualifications to help. It is not meant for aristocrats only.

It should be inborn to manifest the habit of voluntarily promoting human welfare. There is no aspect in life which demands certifications to be good. Like the story of the good Samaritan, a priest among other noble men by-passed a dying helpless man.

The power of giving and helping has no title or background attachments. Nobleness is earned and not bought or assumed through functions of a particular organisations or individual(s) exercising his/her role or duty.

The person you are in office is different from who you are in person. Being a philanthropist in office and cheerful giver in person are two different things. One is a function and one is a charater.
Make your charater above your function. Give and help more out of your personality and not a role play or duty.

As a philanthropist, we give out of love and not out of the wealth people presume we posses. Remember the story of the widow`s mite (Luke 21: 1 – 4).

God loves a cheerful giver. The quality of your heart matters more compared to the quantity of your offer. It is LOVE over the MONEY, which i believe every living soul created in the image of God possesses. Share love , happiness, joy, success, blessings etc.

Ever asked yourself “What can one possibly offer a wealthy man who has everything?”. We should note that what he has is physical assets, and giving him money or expensive gifts won’t be of help to him. Wealthy or not, we all have something to offer. Discover what you have and share willingly.

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