Give The Help, You Never Received

If someone is hungry and you give that person fish, you have fed that person for a day and there is a probability of having to feed the person again anytime soon. You might have in abundance but it is no guarantee that you will have forever and that you will be willing to give at all times.

At the same time if you teach that person how to fish, you have fed that person for a lifetime which renders that person to be able to share his/her lesson by teaching others like him the same thing and the chain expands.

Targeting a wider audience can not only exhaust your quantity but will also extort your quality. Quantity work is good but quality work is best. Don’t only touch lives but impact and change lives. God save lives not humans. Giving fish to the hungry only touch them but teaching them how fish changes their lives. If your audience is 100 in number, target 10 of them and change their lives and those 10 in return will be able to change the lives of the remaining 90 and that is how the chain expands.

This goes out to every NGO, humanitarian, charity organizations and helpers across the globe, give value to your helping hand. Leave a foot print in every work you do. Working hard is old school which though is good but working smart is the new trend and conquers. The greatest wall is not the China wall but holding hands is.

There is a question which if you don’t ask yourself, you will never know there are people whose lives are more deploring than yours. That question is “What are you doing for others?” when you start asking youself this question, you create space for the less privileged.

What you do will be insignificant but its important you do it. If you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one. Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity but it is an act of justice.

We often say “When there is the will, there is a way” Be the helper you want to see in the world. Like it’s written above “What you do will be insignificant though it’s very important you do it”.

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