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The Real Story Behind Terabel Marini Foundation

The whole idea started when my mother was alive, she always reminded me of being of service to humanity by lending a hand to the needy and the less privileged. As I grew up and had my share of tribulations, I knew she was right. Terabel Marini Foundation is a well-kept promise to my mom on her dying bed! Before her death, mama asked me to promise her that I would open a foundation to assist the less privileged ones in our society.

I grew up in a faith that one day I will make mama proud. In 2017, I had the privilege to fulfill mama’s promise. I hope she can look down from the heavens and see that I obeyed her words, and I am contributing slowly, and hopefully, she will be pleased. TERABEL MARINI FOUNDATION has grown these past years with my husband and his family’s support and encouragement. I am focused and determined to serve humanity with each passing day.

About the founder

Terabel Marini is an Italian Cameroonian, She was born in the year 1989, a wife to a great man and a mother of two boys D&D. A multi-talented personality who has used and is still using her platform and her foundation to build and groom the younger generation.

A Philanthropist, Humanitarian, and International Award Winner, highly recognized for her impacts in society, which include: Community builder of the year 2018, Community Role model of the year 2018, and Ladies Purple Night Queen of the year 2018 amongst others

A Counselor who is known and appreciated for her creativity in the Media, A mentor who counsels, empowered, and managed young women age between 18-30 to be successful leaders of tomorrow, an idea developer, An Entrepreneur, and a Real Estate business lady.

She has involved in International magazine because of her outstanding contribution and extensive humanitarian works to the favorable community in giving back to the needy in Cameroon. She is interested in charities and involved in community works, which have spanned for many years. She is a lover of team-work.

Terabel Marini has a tremendous positive take on life for an exceptional young lady. She is strong-minded and believes in serving humanity. She set out and opened her non-profit charity organization as the Founder, CEO, and Sole-sponsor, called Terabel Marini Foundation (TMF), in 2017. Her motto in life has always been to serve and not to be served.

Meet Our Team!

Mrs. Terabel Marini

President and Director Of Terabel Marini Foundation (TMF)

Mrs. Sylvian Nkeh Forba

Vice President Of Terabel Marini Foundation (TMF)


Mr. Mbufong Richard

Assistant PRO Of Terabel Marini Foundation (TMF)


Barrister Sayong Nestor

Legal Advisor Of Terabel Marini Foundation (TMF)

Awards & Recognitions

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